What Are The Four Best Payroll Services For Small Businesses?

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It is a traditional practice for companies to outsource their predefined operations and tasks to a third party. The third party is the outsourcing company or the outsourcer who accepts the activities and responsibilities of their client. However, the control of the operations remains with the parent company. Hence, outsourcing is a common practice adopted by many companies. One of the famous outsourcing services is payroll services. The payroll management companies in India say that around 78.2 million workers work on an hourly basis only in the United States. So, calculating the overall workers in the world is huge and summarizing everyone’s monthly wages by each company is a tiresome job. Hence, a company needs outsourcing services despite the size of the business. Payroll service is essential for small businesses to avoid inaccurate tax filing and taxation fines. Hence, in this post, listed below are some payroll services for small businesses.


Paychex is the first payroll service that comes into the mind of every small-scale owner. This payroll service is suitable for companies that have employees less than 50. Paychex payroll services handle payroll and related taxes, business insurance, and HRMS software features. It is a cloud-based server with high security for employee’s credentials and offers a mobile application for their clients. This application supports high technical support and is available 24/7. It helps the employees with complex issues and instant recovery.


ADP is Automatic Data Processing, one of the famous and best-known payroll services. Experts say that it is the oldest form of outsourcing services and around 6,00,000 business people depend on this ADP payroll service to pay their salary. It is suitable for companies that have employees less than 50 or multinational corporations with over 1000 employees. It is the most organized form of payroll service compared to other services. ADP offers payroll and taxation software, a tracking system, employee benefits, and many more.


It is a basic payroll service and is suitable for small-scale businesses. OnPay is a simple payroll service without any complex system, and anyone not with much technical knowledge can understand its operations. The OnPay payrolls services have fundamental tools for payroll processing and tax filings. They have a clear track of the monthly pricing scale.


Paylocity is more about efficiency and data interpretation and offers a series of documents regarding the company’s payroll to understand better. Paylocity takes the responsibility of compliance and payroll operations. It also provides online solutions regarding the point-of-sale system,  retirement providers, and wellness plans. 

Nowadays, companies outsource even for compliance monitoring and hence, outsourcing is essential for smooth processing and high productivity.