Things To Avoid While Preparing For The UPSC Exam

IAS Exam

UPSC exam is the most prestigious exam held by the Indian government for higher official ranks. The UPSC selection board recruits the candidates for the posts namely, Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), Indian Police Service (IPS), and many more. Thus, thousands of students join the best IAS coaching in Chennai or other cities to know the strategies and crack the civil service exam. Even though many people try multiple times, they don’t get the desired results. It may be due to the lack of preparation, doesn’t knowing how to choose the appropriate study materials, or lack of self-confidence. A good preparation for the IAS exam is starting early and allocating specified time for different sections and subjects. Hence, in this post, let us see things to avoid while preparing for the UPSC exam.

Practicing the winner’s strategy:

The foremost thing to avoid while preparing for the civil service exam is following the winner’s strategy. The method that worked for someone may not be applicable for you. Each IAS aspirant tries to imitate every step that a UPSC successful candidate used to follow. One should obtain the knowledge behind the method then follow it blindly. For example, a topper may suggest reading two different newspapers while the other one tells you to read only one. So, the idea behind this method is to keep track of the social events happening around you. Thus, rely on a single resource that gives you information about the social happening. So, join any top 10 IAS academy in Chennai to optimize your way of learning.

Choosing all the books:

The foremost factor to crack any competitive exam is to choose the appropriate books for studying. Purchasing every single study material to cover the topic is a waste. This is where every student goes wrong and ends up with piles of study material. Students preparing for the civil service exam must know what to read and write for the questions asked in the exam. Students can refer to the previous year’s question papers and ask their seniors about the books and syllabus. Then sticking to one resource will help you in the long run. For more information, you can search on the internet and get to know.

Less practice:

Thirdly, less practice can also fail. It is because the aspirant should start practicing from day one and increase the practice frequency accordingly. Similarly, try to practice mock tests repeatedly for improvement.

Thus, consider the tips shared in the post to achieve the desired results. The IAS coaching centre in Chennai will help you in many ways to face the civil service exam.