Is practicing enough for high GRE score?

Getting a top university admit in abroad is every aspirants dream. And the stepping stone to a top admit in abroad university is GRE. GRE is taken by anyone who wishes to pursue MS, PhD program in abroad. So, if you are interested in studying in a top university abroad, GRE will be most important.

The GRE exam syllabus includes – Verbal, Quant and Analytical writing.

The GRE exam syllabus tests your skills on each of these areas and not your subject knowledge at all. If you have strong verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning skills, covering the entire GRE exam syllabus would be easy for you. If you are weaker in specific areas, you should spend time practicing and improving them.

For preparing for the GRE exam syllabus, proper training with enough practice is advised.

Students usually ask – Are Free GRE practice test enough? The right answer for that would be No. If you are aiming for a high GRE score, just free GRE practice wouldn’t help.

There are a lot of free GRE practice test available online, however, none of them are adaptive.

GRE is an online section wise adaptive test; based on your performance on the current section the next section becomes more difficult or easy.

Instead of free GRE practice test online, you need to practice time bound GRE adaptive tests to get the feel of real GRE.

Free GRE practice test available online will help you just understand the question types.

How to prepare for GRE exam:

Before you start preparing for GRE exam syllabus, you can take a free GRE practice and understand the question types.

After that, you need to take a diagnostic test to understand your ability in GRE.

Then, prepare a study plan covering entire GRE exam syllabus but more focused on your weaker areas.

After you are strong with the concepts practice real-time GRE adaptive tests and head for your GRE.

All the best for a great score.