How to simplify employee verification Process?

According to Business Cycles: Verification is the process of verifying an employee eligibility his/her past work history of an employee who works in that organization or background check of everything about a potential employee who applied for getting Job in that organization. A verification depends on both for hiring a candidate to an organization and also to promote a candidate in an organization.

The main problem of why actually employee verification is accessed across India is because before 6 years in an IT sector company many candidates were fired due to getting a job in an inappropriate way that is in the form of resume fraud. In resumes, the job seekers provided appropriate answer required for the field which that organization requires, but after the employee verification they were fired immediately and this is why mainly many IT companies prefer Employee Background Verification Companies in Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad and also around India.


Why other sectors aren’t offering verification:

Companies like BPOs, Retailers and many factory based sectors does not prefer that much about verification like IT based companies because the simple reason these companies need manpower and that’s why they will be in hurry to hire people and fire them whenever they want.


Time is taken by verification process:

Usually, it is not just based on simple resume verification process it is based on a company’s demand about which type of verification do they actually need and the main problem here is there are a lot of verification types which are done periodically and so it is not a one size fit at all.

The types of the check are

  1. Address check: To verify about communication address for the postal and many purposes.
  2. Employment check: To verify past employment records.
  3. Criminal checks: However it is based on FCRA act under state law governance. Only by approval, a candidate should undergo this check.


Many Background verification companies in Mumbai, Chennai and across India will take surely a week time to verify a single candidate.


Cost of verification:

Only the criminal background check alone costs around Rs.25000- Rs.5000 because it has a lot of issues to be fixed and also according to the state government and FCRA act it should be checked.

Depending on a company requirements the check should be based on that, I.e. if an employee is changed to three different organization and residence then the verification company should do 3-time verification process and this is applicable for even background verification companies in Kerala because the cost is same as far as background verification concern.