How Does Prenatal Massage Benefits Pregnant Women?

Pregnancy is the most important period in a women’s life. During this period women will face many mental and physical changes. Women will face tiredness, vomiting sensation, stressed, mood swings, skin irritation, body pain and especially foot pain. Sometimes, these may affect the mental and physical health of the mother and baby. There are many steps that you should follow during your pregnancy. One of them is getting a massage, that may help you in improving the baby’s health. In this blog, you will know how does prenatal massage benefits, pregnant women?. Get your pregnant Massage in San Francisco and get pampered yourself. 

What is prenatal massage?

Massage is an old practice, that is considered as a therapy for both the physical body and mental body. Massages are of many types and some common massages are aromatherapy, swedish, deep tissue, Thai, trigger point, acupressure, acupuncture and balinese massage. These massages benefit you in many ways. Pregnancy massage is one of them that is specially designed for pregnant women. This massage is also called “Prenatal massage” and “maternity massage”. This massage includes techniques like soothing with low pressure, mild strokes and pressing. Getting a massage during the pregnancy period will help you a lot. Book your appointment at the best Spa in San Francisco and get delighted.

How does a prenatal massage perform?

When it comes to prenatal massage, make sure that your therapist is a skilled one. Only a well-skilled therapist will know how to massage pregnant woman. You can get a pregnancy massage after the trimester period of your pregnancy. Only after consulting your doctor, you can get this massage. As a first step of the massage, the therapist will make you lie down on a table or a bed. Then a pillow will be placed on your back and also near your tummy if you feel uncomfortable. The therapist will start the massage by soothing the muscles. For some of the regions like anklebone and tummy, the therapist won’t give high pressure. The therapist will massage the legs with mild pressure which will increase the blood flow to the baby. A massage for pregnant women is essential in upcoming generations. Inform your therapist about the pressure level before the massage starts. 

Benefits of getting a prenatal massage

Let us discuss the benefits of prenatal massage further in this blog. If you are looking for a Massage in Charlotte, then get into

Lowers Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the problems that every woman face during their pregnancy period. This is due to overstress, hormone changes and mood swings. During the pregnancy, your body come across many physical and mental changes. During the prenatal massage, the therapist will soothe the muscle which will increase the secretion of happy hormones. This will reduce the cortisol level and also reduce anxiety. The high production of happy hormones will boost up the mood of the baby. Reduce your stress and anxiety by getting a prenatal massage near me.

Reduce stress

Nowadays, stress became a common problem that is the result of pressure. Every pregnant get stressed often for no reason. Sometimes, the long time of stress may affect the health of the body. It may lead to high blood pressure and also heart disease. If you didn’t focus on your stress level, it may increase the chance of a premature baby and also a low weight-baby. For a premature baby, the immune power will be low and it will have many health issues. Prenatal massage will decrease the cortisol level which will reduce your stress. 

Increase the Immunity

If the immune power of the mother is low, definitely the baby will also be born with low immunity. The white blood cells in the bloodstream are called immune cells. These cells flow in the blood and fight against foreign viruses. This prenatal massage will improve the immune power of both the mother and the baby. The mild strokes given during the massage will squeeze out the old blood and allow the entry of fresh blood. They make the muscles stronger and helps in normal delivery. 

Improves blood circulation

Lack of blood circulation in the body will affect the functioning of the internal organs. The low blood level in your body will affect the growth of the baby. The RBC count in the bloodstream also determines the immune power. Soothing the muscles will increase the blood and oxygen supply to the heart. A good blood flow is very mandatory for the growth of the organ of the baby. It will also reduce pregnancy pain and you will have a higher chance of normal delivery.

Reduce swelling

When the pressure level in the blood gets increased, it is called Swelling. Pregnant women often face this swelling effect. The therapist will soothe and give some strokes which will increase blood circulation to the muscles. Sometimes the blockages in the bloodstream will also lead to swelling. The therapist will use massage oils and lotions during the massage session. This will remove the blockage in the blood and helps in good blood flow. 

Relieves back pain

Back pain is a common problem that every one of us faces. But pregnant women face this back pain problem often. When the baby is in the uterus, the mother’s body can’t bear the weight of the body. As the baby grows, the back pain will also get increased. Getting a prenatal massage, will help you in treating the back pain. The therapist will give a soothing massage at your backside which will reduce your back pain. 

Improves sleep

If your sleep gets disturbed definitely it will affect your overall health. After the trimester period, pregnant women will face a lack of sleep due to stress and pain. This may also affect the health of the baby. Sleeping is an essential factor for health which also helps in the development of the organ in the baby. Get sufficient sleep by getting a Prenatal massage in the best Spa. The therapist will give you a massage in the regions like head, arms and scalp. This will increase the secretion of sleep hormones and promotes good sleep.

In this blog, we have discussed prenatal massage and its benefits. If you are looking for a Spa in Charlotte, then step into They offer you all the massage and spa services within your budget.