Australia Student Visa a Gateway to a Bright Future

Australia is a point of boundless possibilities; it is one of the popular destinations for higher studies abroad. It has always remained in the top five destinations for international students.

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Other countries like the US, New Zealand etc., release their international education strategies time to time to attract more students. Even the Asian countries like Singapore and Malaysia revamp the strategies and effort to attract the students. But still, Australia is still able to maintain its top position.

Australia Student Visa Requirement

Are you planning to study in Australia? If yes, you need to obtain an Australian study visa. The Visa officers assessing your application will check your application in different aspects.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) has set different requirements that students must fulfill. These requirements are listed below;

  • Genuine Student
  • Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)
  • Financial Requirement
  • English proficiency requirement.
  • Health and Character Certificate requirement.  
  1. Genuine Student Requirement

According to this, the student must be genuine. In other words, you must have to show you intend to obtain a valid education and that you have a reasonable language, education and material background to be a genuine student. While accessing visa application, the visa officer might check your English language proficiency, prerequisite schooling, sufficient finances and age requirement.

  1. GTE

It requires the student applying for a student visa to be a genuine temporary entrant. This means, your primary purpose of coming to Australia on a student visa is to study and along with that you have the required English proficiency and that you will adhere to the condition on your visa and besides this, you must have genuine access to sufficient funds to cover the tuition fees.

In short, your purpose of visiting should be studying in Australia and nothing else.

  1. New Rules Under SVP

The Australian government has lowered the Visa assessment levels for students from 38 countries. This includes India, under which student will be required to provide less documentary evidence to support their claim for granting the student visa.

  1. Applying for SVP

If you are applying under SVP, firstly you need confirmation of enrollment from any of the participating university. In this, a student can apply for Bachelor, Masters or Doctoral level as these courses are considered as low migration risk regardless of their country of origin.

Now the SVP is available for advanced diploma courses. While, this is not available to students applying for short courses such as associated degrees, graduate certificates or graduate diploma.

In this visa system, students must fulfill the GTE criteria. 

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