5 Reasons why you should learn Kotlin

5 Reasons why you should learn Kotlin

What is Kotlin?

Kotin can use in developing android apps. Recently, Kotlin is one of the widely growing programming languages. Different leading organizations use Kotlin for their technology stack like Netflix, Pinterest, etc. Here in this blog, we discussed the 5 Reasons why you should learn Kotlin. 

Kotlin is used widely and it is the fastest-growing programming language. Kotlin continues one of the most extensively applied and fastest-growing programming languages in current times. Developers choose the Kotlin language for a range of projects like data science, cloud development, etc. 

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What Is Kotlin Used For?

Let’s look at the similar sub-projects of Kotlin:

Kotlin/JVM: Allows printing JVM purposes by transpiling to Java bytecode. 

For example – Spring Services, Android development, and desktop purposes.

Kotlin/JS: Provides corresponding web applications by transpiling to JavaScript. 

For example – Vanilla JS apps, React apps.

Kotlin/Native: Allows reporting demands for fixed devices or iOS development. 

For example – iOS apps and others.

5 Reasons why you should learn Kotlin

Modern language

It is a functional programming language it makes together with the most excellent of functional programming and is object-oriented. Some of the various hopeful characteristics of Kotlin combine clean compact syntax, security, general-purpose, and more.

Easy to learn

For beginners, who are starting their career, Kotlin is one of the easiest languages to learn, it has easy syntax. Knowledge of this language helps experienced programmers to upgrade their profiles. 

Excellent elements

There are enough elements possible on Kotlin that learners can leverage to become a great grasp of the programming language. Most of these requirements are self-paced and allow excellent insights into the programming style. 

Career chances

Most of the companies are recruiting candidates with Kotlin knowledge. Many best brands are doing Kotlin for their software and Kotlin skills are extremely in demand.  

Community support

Kotlin is an open-source language. It has the powerful identity of developers. There are 200 Kotlin users are there, 37000 slack users are there, and several extra members. The population maintenance is large in Kotlin and it is regularly developing.

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